Inhalation Drug Delivery

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Considerations for Inhalation Drug Delivery

We have capabilities to develop formulations to the lung. Effective delivery of a therapeutic to treat a disorder of the lung (such as a lung infection) requires administering a therapeutic dose of drug to the affected site. 

In considering drug delivery to the lung, effective deposition of the dosage form depends on particle size, patient breathing patterns and functional status of the lungs. The drug delivery solution to treatment would need to consider both the device and the properties of the drug. For instance, DPIs have the LOWEST treatment burden, compared to other treatment devices. In considering the properties of the dosage form, the following aspects are relevant: 

  • Respirable particle size distribution (PSD) < 5 microns (1-5 microns)
  • Drug crystallinity 🡪 sustained release (dissolution, diffusion, absorption)
  • Amorphous drug 🡪 rapid absorption. Additionally, water absorption results in powder aggregation. 
lungs diagram

Development of Inhalation Dose Forms

Distribution of Particles in the Lung:
What Size Particles Do We Need?

distribution of particles in the lung
sizes of inhaled particles
  • Particle Size of the inhaled particles control lung deposition
  • Where do we need to go—most infections in the bronchial region of the lung
  • Particle Size of the respirable particle needs to be 1-5 microns, with a lower fraction to be deposited in the deep lung

CRO Services for Inhalation Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems is a contract research organization that provides quality services specializing in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. Learn more about our CRO services > 

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