Oral Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems does not develop tablets. However, we have developed dosage forms that have enhanced in-vivo bioavailability of impermeable, insoluble drug substances. 

We develop suspension-based and lipid-based dosage forms to enhance bioavailability of drugs that are of established low oral bioavailability. We have approaches that enable both paracellular and transcellular transport mechanisms. Contact us for a discussion.

Mechanism of Drug Absorption in the Gut

Drugs administered orally are typically absorbed through the following transport mechanisms:

(a) transcellular, where the drug is absorbed through the epithelial cells,

(b) paracellular, where the drug is absorbed through the tight junctions of the epithelium,

(c) transcytosis or receptor-mediated endocytosis and

(d) absorption through the Peyer’s patches. 

Integral BioSystems designs oral delivery systems to enhance the bioavailability of drugs by enhancing the absorption, protecting drugs from the corrosive, acidic environment of the stomach fluids by encapsulating the drugs and delivering to a specific site in the gastro-intestinal tract. 



  • Self-emulsifying Lipid Drug Delivery Systems
  • Micronized forms

Once some prototype delivery systems are designed and tested for in-vitro release, permeability through intestinal membranes can be studied through measurement of diffusion of the drug, as a function of the formulation. We have extensive oral dosage form testing apparatus in our laboratories.

CRO Services for Oral Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems is a contract research organization that provides quality drug development services in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. Our drug development experts have 50+ years of combined expertise in pharmaceutics and the development of drug products. Our top-notch team of scientists is committed to quality, integrity, safety and excellence. Integral BioSystems is trusted by bio-pharmaceutical companies big and small.  Learn more about our CRO services > 

Ready to enhance the bioavailability of your impermeable or insoluble drug substances? Contact Integral BioSystems today to explore our innovative suspension-based and lipid-based dosage forms designed to optimize drug absorption and efficacy. Let’s collaborate to develop tailored oral drug delivery solutions that unlock the full therapeutic potential of your compounds. Take the next step towards maximizing bioavailability and improving patient outcomes with Integral BioSystems as your trusted partner!