Otic Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems scientists have expertise in the design and implementation of drops, gel and sustained release systems to deliver both small molecule- and biologics into the ear, as intra-tympanic delivery systems.  Contact us for a discussion of otic drug delivery systems.

Otic drug delivery involves direct administration of a drug into the ear canal. Commonly used topical medications include topical antibiotic and antifungal drugs in the form of drops gels, or foams. Otic topical drug administration provides a variety of advantages. 

The most significant advantage is the ability to achieve a local drug concentration much higher than what could be achieved via systemic administration. Other advantages of topical drug delivery include rapid delivery, good patient compliance, and the ability to combine different drugs into a single formulation.

Otic Drug Delivery: anatomy of the ear
Otic Drug Delivery

CRO Services for Otic Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems is a contract research organization that provides quality drug development services in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. Our drug development experts have 50+ years of combined expertise in pharmaceutics and the development of drug products. Our top-notch team of scientists is committed to quality, integrity, safety and excellence. Integral BioSystems is trusted by bio-pharmaceutical companies big and small. Learn more about our CRO services > 

Interested in delivering your new drug formulation via the ear for enhanced therapeutic outcomes? Contact Integral BioSystems today to collaborate on designing advanced otic drug delivery systems for both small molecules and biologics. Take the next step towards developing your new drug formulation with Integral BioSystems as your trusted CRO services partner!