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Integral BioSystems
Intranasal Drug Delivery

Picture courtesy: the World Health Organization (WHO)

Research has demonstrated that intranasal administration offers a practical, noninvasive, alternative route of administration for drug delivery to the brain. Intranasal administration allows transport of drugs to the brain circumventing the blood-brain-barrier, thus providing a unique feature and better option to target drugs to the brain. Thus, modalities of delivering drugs for the treatment of brain tissue-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can be developed by the design of intranasal delivery systems. Furthermore, the nasal mucosa of the nose provides a relatively easy route to vaccination, by eliciting an appropriate mucosa-mediated immune response.

Integral BioSystems has capabilities to develop nasal tissue-compatible formulations, such nano-ized dispersions of the drug and as well as systems that adhere to mucosal tissue, enhancing the duration of effect. Furthermore, we have capabilities to generate liposomal dosage forms of the drug that can be incorporated into off-the-shelf spray systems for proof-of-concept human trials. In addition to preliminary excipient-drug compatibility studies in solvents used in approved drugs for humans, drug uptake studies through mucosal membrane can be performed for optimization of the final formulation. Lastly, cytotoxicity of the drug formulation is tested by biocompatibility testing of the formulation with mucosal tissue.

Our research formulations are always developed with the aim of maximizing the biological effect and the product commercialization potential. For instance, we strive to arrive at a formulation that is easy to administer and can be stored at room temperatures, without refrigeration requirements.

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