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New licensable technology product offering: NanoM Wafer
Bioengineered, Sustained Release Drug Delivery Insert
Integral BioSystems
Integral BioSystems, LLC is a contract research organization (CRO) with service niches in Drug Delivery R & D, Drug Development and Intellectual Property.

The company based in the Boston area, specializes in the design and development of dosage forms for ophthalmic, transdermal, intravenous, intranasal and oral routes of drug administration.  Additionally, we offer services in intellectual property and contracts development/ negotiation.

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The company excels in the conceptualization and design of drug delivery solutions for drug candidates that are challenging to deliver. These challenges may range from inherent insolubility of the drug, intrinsic tissue impermeability of the drug or incompatibility with physiological fluids.
Our functionalities include the development of sustained release systems, such as microspheres, nanospheres, liposomes, depots, etc.

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The company has developed expertise in the dosage form development from scale-up to technology transfer to a GMP facility. We develop formulations that are scale-up amenable, efficiently developing specifications for the drug product in its intended clinical use. We design every aspect of the CMC package, compiling data packages that are IND submission-ready. Additionally, the company offers API characterization services, such as log P, pka determination and efficient polymorph screening.

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In collaboration with a Boston-area Intellectual Property and Product Promotion firm Patents Etcetera, Integral BioSystems is offering affordable assistance to individual inventors and small companies in contracts development and the filing of provisionals and patent applications. Our intellectual property staff-on-call, consists of technical specialists, registered patent agents and attorneys.

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Integral BioSystems, LLC is based in the Boston area, with its offices and labs at 23 Crosby Dr Ste 100A, Bedford, MA 01730. Please feel free to contact us via email, or telephone.

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