Licensable Technologies

Integral BioSystems has developed NanoM Wafer™ and OcuHeal™ technologies as platform technologies and patented them in global jurisdictions. We invite collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to render repurposed drugs IP-protectable with Integral’s proprietary drug delivery licensable technologies. With multiple billion-dollar drug products going off-patent, a 505(b)(2) regulatory strategy presents a cost-effective way to develop an extended product life cycle with novel IP. Contact us for a discussion.

Selected Integral BioSystems’ Innovations are being developed through Symphony Therapeutics

NanoM Wafer™

  • Fully patented worldwide, patent life to 2035.
  • The NanoM Wafer™ is a sustained release delivery system, capable of encapsulating proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and small molecules. 
  • Currently, it has been developed as an insert to be placed conveniently on the conjunctival cul-de-sac (lower or upper). 
  • The NanoM Wafer™ is highly biocompatible and flexible, causing no discomfort.
NanoM Wafer

OcuHeal™ Lipid Nanoparticles

  • Fully Patented worldwide; patent life to 2035
  • Originally designed for ocular delivery
  • Nanoparticles <200 nm
  • Designed to enhance bioavailability by enhancement of permeability through membranes
  • Hydrophobic API is fully dissolved in lipid “nanocores”
  • Non-settling dispersion
  • Liquifies on ocular surface for immediate absorption
  • Scalable Process
  • Other routes: follicular, otic, intranasal, dermal
  • Can be a gel, ointment, or liquid dispersion

Collaborate with us!

Ready to explore how Integral BioSystems’ licensable technologies, NanoM Wafer™ and OcuHeal™, can accelerate your drug development projects? Contact Integral BioSystems today to discuss collaboration opportunities. Let’s work together to leverage our platform technologies to advance towards fully patented and licensed drug products for your pharmaceutical company. Take the next step towards innovative drug delivery solutions with Integral BioSystems as your strategic partner!

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