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Integral BioSystems
The Patent Filing Process


For your invention to be patentable: (a) it must have utility, (b) it must be novel, and (c) it must be non-obvious.

To have utility, your invention must be useful, but it need not necessarily be an improvement over the status quo.

To be novel, your patent application cannot claim matter that has already been claimed in a published patent application or granted patent.

To be non-obvious, your invention must not seem, to a person normally skilled in the relevant art, to be just a rehash, with slight variation, of an already patented invention.

If you have discovered a novel plant, have created a new or improved product or process, or have created an original ornamental design, contact Integral BioSystems now for a free consultation to begin the process of quickly assessing the patentability of your invention.

The Process

Meticulous documentation of the timeline of your invention's development will allow you to obtain the earliest possible patent filing date. The more detailed your notes on the subject are, the better.

Following a preliminary patentability study, Integral BioSystems will work with you to draft the claims and specification of your patent application and will then carefully search the patent applications and patents published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Any relevant non-patent publications will also be evaluated.

After the detailed prior art search, your new claims will then be compared with any similar claims found in order determine if your proposed new invention meets the standards of novelty and non-obviousness. Any needed modification to the claims or specification will be made at this time to define your invention as being patentable over the prior art.

Once you have decided which type of patent application best meets your needs, a provisional application or a non-provisional application, Integral BioSystems will do everything necessary for you to obtain the most comprehensive patent protection for your invention in a reasonable amount of time, at a most reasonable cost.

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