Intranasal Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems has capabilities to develop nasal tissue-compatible formulations, such nano-ized dispersions of the drug and as well as systems that adhere to mucosal tissue, enhancing the duration of effect.

Integral’s proprietary technologies, OcuHeal™ and NanoM Wafer™ drug delivery systems are being evaluated for intranasal products, both sustained release and intranasal spray-based high bioavailability dispersions. Whether fee-for-service (general CRO), or a collaborative arrangement to develop client products using Integral IP, the company can offer:

  • Subject area expert guidance
  • Method development/ transfer
  • API characterization
  • Excipient/Drug compatibility
  • Prototypes Fabrication: Small scale and scale-up
  • IVRT Studies and Tissue Permeability Studies
  • ICH Stability studies/ container-closure studies
  • Toxicology batches manufacture and issuance of CoA

Intranasal delivery

Intranasal products are focused on diseases in the nasal mucosa, with the primary dosage in the form of nasal sprays delivering steroids, or antibiotics. Additionally, intranasal administration offers a practical, noninvasive, alternative route of administration for drug delivery to the brain. 

Intranasal administration allows transport of drugs to the brain circumventing the blood-brain-barrier, thus providing a unique feature and better option to target drugs to the brain. Thus, modalities of delivering drugs for the treatment of brain tissue-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can be developed by the design of intranasal delivery systems. 

Furthermore, the nasal mucosa of the nose provides a relatively easy route to vaccination, by eliciting an appropriate mucosa-mediated immune response. 

Formulation Capacities

  • Nanosuspensions
  • Solutions
  • Emulsions/Liposomes
  • Depots
intranasal drug delivery

Nasal Delivery of an Anti-inflammatory

OcuHeal™ as it applies to Intranasal Delivery:

Penetration of the Mucosa -> Enhanced Bioavailability

  • Initially developed for the ocular surface delivery (ocular mucosa)
  • Technology applies to ALL mucosal surfaces
  • Particle size and surface characteristics serve in retention of drug on mucosal surface
  • Cores adhere to membrane surface and release drug to mucosal surface
  • Nano-core size (<200 nm) penetrates the mucosal meshwork pores (~500 nm)
Integral Biosystem

Higher Bioavailability of an Anti-Inflammatory Glucocorticosteroid via OcuHeal™

NanoM Wafer™ for Intranasal Delivery:

Achievement of Long Term Sustained Release

  • Proprietary, biodegradable, biocompatible drug delivery system (DDS) being developed to release molecules at a sustained rate to the surface of tissues
  • Bioengineered to tissue
  • Wafer is flexible, hydrates rapidly
  • Release of therapeutic can be modulated
  • Types of therapeutics that can be encapsulated: small molecules, biomolecules (peptides, proteins, nucleic acids)
Graph of Dexamethasone released

NanoM Wafer™:

Nanoporous and Allows Transport Through and Around It

NanoM Wafer is nanoporous

Long-Term Sustained Release of an anti-inflammatory glucocorticosteroid can be achieved for chronic sinus inflammation, via NanoM Wafer™.

sustained release of anti-inflammatory glucocorticosteroid

Contact Integral for additional details on how the OcuHeal and NanoM Wafer™ technologies can help your intranasal product. OcuHeal and NanoM Wafer™ technologies are both patented in multiple global jurisdictions, including the U.S. and Canada.

CRO Services for Intranasal Drug Delivery

Integral BioSystems offers cutting-edge contract research organization services in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. Learn more about our CRO services > 

Ready to explore the potential of intranasal drug delivery for your pharmaceutical product? Contact Integral BioSystems today to harness the power of nasal sprays, nanosuspensions, and liposomes to achieve optimal drug delivery!