Management Team

Shikha Barman, CEO and founder, Integral BioSystems

Shikha P. Barman, Ph.D

Founder, President and CEO

Shikha Barman is the company’s technical and executive head since the company’s inception in 2009 (operational in 2011). Integral BioSystems has gained profitability, international repute and credibility as a specialty drug delivery contract research organization. Under her guidance, Integral BioSystems has been established strategically as a CRO with a niche specialization in complex drug products, building a state-of-the-art drug development firm with 

CEO Shikha Barman, Ph.D. is a subject area expert with 30+ years of translational experience in the drug development business with numerous patents and publications in drug delivery, biomaterials and gene delivery. 

She was inducted as a Fellow in 2021 from AIMBE, a prestigious organization in biological engineering for her contributions to drug delivery and biomedical engineering. 

Dr. Barman’s background spans ophthalmic, injectable (SQ, IM), dermal (topical), sublingual and targeted therapies); featured in C&EN, ACS in April, 2013 issue as one of four women-entrepreneurs to watch; Technology Showcase winner in 2015 in CRO/CMO, Boston, MA. 

Since 2009, Dr. Barman has developed the CRO into a known entity in ophthalmic and injectable product development. Additionally, her guidance in innovative drug delivery has grown the company patent portfolio into significant assets for the company, resulting in collaborations with players in the pharma industry. Pre-Integral, Dr. Barman worked at Follica, Inotek Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sontra Medical Corporation, Zycos, Inc. and Focal, Inc, spanning product technologies in gene therapy, vaccine delivery, ophthalmic delivery to treat glaucoma and biodegradable sealants. 

Dr. Barman has numerous (>35) US Patents and >75 US applications/PCTs, 70+ publications and 4 book chapters. Dr. Barman has a dual degree PhD in Polymer Science and in Plastics Engineering from University of Massachusetts at Lowell, a M.S. in Polymers from University of Massachusetts at Lowell, a M.S. in Advanced Physical Chemistry and B.S. in Chemistry from Auburn University, AL.

Dave Karasic, Esq.

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Legal Counsel and IP

COO and Company IP Attorney Dave Karasic is Integral’s first investor; he brings 35+ years of engineering, IP and legal experience to the company. Dave Karasic is responsible for contracts development, general operations, legal counseling/strategy and intellectual property strategy and management. Prior to Integral BioSystems, Dave was sole proprietor of Patents Etcetera, a Bedford-based boutique small-business targeted patent and IP house, providing strategy, patent writing and prosecution services to the start-up companies. As Integral BioSystems’ first investor and co-founder, Mr. Karasic joined the company management team, assisting and leading in operational strategy and intellectual property management. Mr. Karasic’s 30+ years of industrial experience spans electronics, information technology and patent law. 

Mr. Karasic has a B.A. in Biology from Trent State College, NJ, a Masters in Engineering Management from Boston University, MA, USPTO Patent Bar certification (2006) and a J.D. from Massachusetts School of Law, Andover, MA. In addition, he is licensed in the State of Massachusetts Bar.  

Dave Karasic, Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Legal Counsel and IP

Commitment to Excellence in Drug Development

With 50+ years of combined experience, we are committed to providing top-notch drug development services in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. 

Our scientific staff operate with the highest standards of integrity, quality, excellence, and safety with the ultimate goal of doing good science.

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