Quality Statement

Integral BioSystems is a contract research organization that provides quality services specializing in pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical research and development at a competitive price and turnaround time. The quality of our work and services is a primary importance along with customer satisfaction.  

Every employee at Integral BioSystems has the responsibility to operate in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, excellence, quality, and safety with the ultimate goal of doing good science.

Elements of our Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Employee Training Program
  • Equipment Controls
  • Documentation Controls
  • Chemical Controls
  • Vendor Qualification Program
  • Operational Procedures (SOPs, Guidelines and Work instructions)
Scientist Working at lab bench

2-Tier Quality System

Tier I :

  • All scientific work that is not required to be performed in compliance with 21 CFR 58 and is intended for R&D is classified as Tier I
  • Designed to maintain flexibility
  • QA oversight is limited


Tier II:

  • All scientific work that is required to be performed in compliance with 21 CFR 58 is classified as Tier II
  • Tier II requires significantly more oversight than Tier I
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